Song of the Lazy

In the course of my soul-cramping day job, I’ve actually been what amounts to busy for me. I say amounts to because I’m not one of those burly lads out building structures for people like me to complain about having to work in, or using non-sentient machinery to gleefully tear those same structures back down when someone with more money wants them gone. Nope. I sit at a desk, slapping a keyboard all day like a barely-literate primate (no offense to literate primates). Still, what I do has some merit, trust me. But with the level of activity I’ve been pressed into by the need to pay bills and buy crap I’ll stop using in a week or two (I’m currently in semi-hostile negotiations with Achebeyo on the potential purchase of an expensive microscope), I haven’t had time to trek through my gooey grey matter to see if anything worthy of sharing grabs me by the satchel.

Writing about not having anything to write about is still writing, if a bit trite. I’ve got a few $20 reviews coming up for games and movies most of you have either already made your decisions on, or simply don’t give two ragged rat’s innards about, but those aren’t quite ready yet. I’ve got tales of my childhood attempts to accidentally end my own life early, but I need to confer with my childhood friends who now read this blog to ensure I get everything as incorrect as I can so as to shine the best possible light on me…you know, the one that makes me look like an intelligent moron. It’ll happen.

With the impending trip to Curaçao, I’ll likely have some cautionary tales about what not to do when traveling with someone who’s had about enough of your sarcastic crap to last two lifetimes, as well as some pictures that try to establish a serene façade on what is really me making Achebeyo mad at least once per trip. I’m learning, if slowly.

Oh, and stick around to see if my plans to dive with great white sharks this year pans out. If I haven’t already shared this go here to see a video I shot and edited hastily of one of my favorite dives: The Hyde. Some of the best parts of this dive show up around the 2:13 mark, and then again in greater numbers at the 5:42 mark.

I’m not sure how appropriate it is for a mostly faceless entity writing here to address his (hopefully) growing readerherd, but I’d like to thank everyone who stops by to see what kind of nonsense I’m serving up each week. The bowel-clenching stress of finding something to keep you around and sharing this so that I can one day struggle to survive doing this for a pittance is worth it when I frantically check my stats every ten minutes and see that someone new has been lured in.

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4 Comments on “Song of the Lazy”

  1. Meg Says:

    Im on board with buying the microscope!! Always loved looking into that tiny hidden world of cheek scrapings and pond water!! 😀

  2. Mr. Pig Says:

    I came in here by accident. I wasn’t reading. Honest!

  3. Erin Says:

    Heh, microscope. Nerd. (Btw, you went to Curacao?? How do I not know these things??)

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