Carp this!

Being the kind of busy I’ve been lately means that by the time I leave work, my creativity is pooled in my shoes and waiting to be drowned in bubbly warm water (I love bubble baths…sue me), along with the rest of any motivation I may have had. In fact, I’ve never wanted to have an extended out of body experience more in my life. I imagine Achebeyo poking me repeatedly, trying to snap me back along that wireless connection to this hunk of meat and associated juices. While I’d likely be punished for what she’d perceive as me pretending to ignore her, it might still be fun to hover behind  her, all incorporeal, and mock her efforts from the spirit world.

There are few of us wage-slaves who are ever more than a few misfiring synapses away from a screaming leap off of the nearest elevated landmark. And while I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, I’m sure it has something to do with anticipation of getting the heck out of here and traveling again as soon as possible. Like yesterday. Seriously.

Part of the plan for travel next year includes a minor trip this weekend to a local town to stay in a well-established hotel chain (not this one), in an effort to build up the necessary points to return to Thailand and stay in paradise for free. What’s that, you ask? Why have I not posted regarding that previous trip? Because that trip was completed long before I decided to chronicle my adventures here…plus, I’m lazy. I took over 1100 photographs, most of which were about as varied as several dozen rolls of freshly minted pennies. Achebeyo kindly reduced those down to a more manageable number, but it’s still a bit daunting to my video-game-craving brain sac. I’d write it this weekend, except for the aforementioned local trip.

There won’t be any SCUBA diving, like this from one of my favorite dives in this area:

There won’t be any sea lion rides:

Or smooches:

Or elephant lovin’:

What there will be is some quality walking-around- trying-not-to-get-trampled time in one of the more touristy locations in my neck of the North American woods. But it will be worth it: no computer begging me to play games so that I don’t worry about not writing; no blu-ray player coaxing me into near-coma status with streaming online shows and movies; and no loving cat to body slam the door repeatedly when we don’t wake up before 5am. Unplugged bliss.

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One Comment on “Carp this!”

  1. Narf Says:

    Im pretty sure that sea lion is thinking “If this guy were a mackeral he’d be headless right now.” 🙂

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