Friday Frolic

***I didn’t really have anything planned for today, but I thought it might be fun to slap words together to see if they fit. Join me, won’t you?***

There was going to be a game review here on a game I’ve come to call Dragon Age 2: The Talkening, but I realized it would just be loads of complaining about being what amounts to a digital White House page: running to and fro passing notes and trying to avoid being grappled. Suffice it to say that after playing this game for a total of 40 hours, and consulting with other like-minded friends, we’re forming a collective to punch Bioware straight in the face.


Based on what Hollywood has shown me of drug abusers, I think there are some similarities between those lost souls and people who wait too long to pee, based on my own direct observations.

  • Profuse sweating
  • Twitchy, jittery movements, and sudden stops to squat and stare intently at something invisible on or near the ground
  • Sudden transitions between muttered cursing under the breath and loud, unintelligible outbursts of distress
  • Intense anger toward anyone impeding your progress
  • Mad final dash to a bathroom or alley to conduct business

Don’t assume that guy/gal hugging their own torso like it just proposed to them is jacked up on the junk du jour; they might simply be trying to stem the amber tide with their Jedi skills. If they fail, then yeah, they’re probably on the drugs.

Taking the tangent-train elsewhere, being told you aren’t excelling at a job that you find to be as much fun as chowing on a fresh-picked bowl of Kellog’s Scab Flakes shouldn’t be that much of a surprise come performance review time. Growing up wasn’t listed in my job requirements when I was hired, thank you very much.

I keep a notebook full of things that pop into my head as possible topics for entries. Here are a few that have yet to take a breath beyond their initial conception:

  • Hair that’s crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside (based on a friend of mine from long ago who paid more attention to his hair than any straight, married guy should)
  • Methane’s Symphony #2 (hey, I don’t ask for this stuff to pop into my head)
  • Never play “sodomy” in online words with friends, even for the win (unless that’s the message you’re TRYING to send)
  • Ow, my everything! (sometimes it just hurts)
  • The Japanese are all business on set, but at a wrap party, they can hurl invisible balls of painstakingly collected soul energy with the best of us (for reals)

There’s more, but I suddenly realized I can’t ever bring these up again without ruining the magic.

I’m working on a piece about the trip Achebeyo and I took to Thailand early this year, but I’m trying to temper my need to be snarkily verbose. Karma, you know. I want to be able to go back without being this guy:

Thai happy ending.

Thai happy ending.

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2 Comments on “Friday Frolic”

  1. Narf Says:

    omg I laughed out loud at this one!! 😀 Thank you!!

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